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Find out more about our projects in France!


The Robando Sonrisas France team focuses mainly on communicating the association (website, social networks, press releases...), setting up partnerships in France and fundraising (through donations, sales of creations and clothing, grants...).


Nevertheless, we insist that our projects are motivated by a strong social commitment. 


All funds raised go to finance our field projects in Argentina, as well as local initiatives such as the Buena Onda Creators' Market in Nantes from 2023, participation in festivals, and sponsorship of athletes.


Find out more about our projects below...

Nantes Craftswomen's Market:
#Buena Onda

An event bringing together talented designers from Nantes, and an opportunity to raise awareness of our magnificent actions, which bring smiles to the faces of hundreds of children. 

Where is the event taking place?
In an exceptional venue: Le FAMEUX 40 pieds (bar guinguette) located quai de la fosse in Nantes, starting at 2pm. 🌴
TRAM : line 1 stop Gare maritime 🚉
The event is of course FREE and OPEN to EVERYBODY!

Sale of creations at Christmas markets

Every year, Robando Sonrisas takes part in the Saint-Nolff Christmas market, where our association sells second-hand clothes and small creations made by our volunteers to raise funds for our new actions!


We've got some great things in store for 2023 in Nantes, so stay tuned ♥️

Merry Christmas! 🎄

Selling clothes at garage sales

Thanks to your many donations of clothes and toys, the Robando Sonrisas France team has been able to collect a large number of donations that will help finance the association's actions in the field.


If you too would like to donate clothes or toys, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Sponsoring athletes

In July 2023, Robando Sonrisas will accompany Alexandre Duros on the 2500km La Three Peaks Bike Race, an UltraDistance bike race from Vienna to Barcelona via 3 mountain ranges.


The goal is to cover the 2500km / 34000mD+ in ~8 days! Alex has set himself a great challenge. And we're extremely lucky to be accompanying him in this crazy challenge!

Clothing sales on the VINTED platform

Thanks to your many donations of clothes, Robando Sonrisas has officially opened his dressing room on Vinted:

Don't hesitate to take a look in our closet: every purchase will help finance the association's actions in the field! 
Thank you for your support, and don't hesitate to contact us for any clothing donations!

Participation in music festivals

The Robando Sonrisas France team was present at the "Voulez-vous vivre?" festival organized by Antonin, aka @Veildour, a young artist and friend of Cyriane, and his team of volunteers, in Pont-Aven, Brittany...

The event was an opportunity for the association to promote itself and sell second-hand clothing from donations, in order to raise funds for its field actions in Argentina.


Thanks to the "Voulez-vous vivre?" team for this wonderful opportunity!

All our projects are not-for-profit and are made possible by various forms of donation. These include financial donations, furnished goods (tools, computers, chairs, tables, etc.), free services and the provision of volunteers.

Don't hesitate to support us!

For information: 1 euro varies between 350 and 450 Argentine pesos. 

1 packet of rice = $899 Argentine pesos
1 packet of pasta = $677 pesos


Every donation counts - there's no such thing as a small amount!

Robando Sonrisas association d’intérêt général à but non lucratif, créée en 2015 en Argentine et en 2020 en France, et enregistrée sous le numéro RNA W442025593 en France - 


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