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Find out more about our projects in Argentina!


At Robando Sonrisas, our solidarity projects in Argentina respond to needs identified at local level, i.e. by the inhabitants of the Río Negro province.


The Argentinian team, represented by Diego and Jennifer, who live in the village of Ingeniero Huergo (where they both come from), regularly consults the Rionegrinos through the multi-purpose centers called "Merenderos", with whom they were able to form the Union of Merenderos of the Alto Valle in 2021, bringing together 8 solidarity centers in the region. 


Discover our projects below...

Bikes galore: repair, adaptation, distribution!

With the help of numerous volunteers, Robando Sonrisas, represented by Jennifer and Diego, repairs and recycles hundreds of bicycles in the workshop provided by Bicicleteria Paulete, Diego's family's bicycle store.

 Once repaired, the bikes are distributed free of charge to local children. Robando Sonrisas also recycles bicycles to adapt them to the needs of children with reduced mobility.

 The aim of this project is to improve the mobility of families who do not necessarily have their own vehicles, in a context where public transport is virtually non-existent because the villages are located in remote areas with no services.

Building merenderos and opening solidarity canteens

The merenderos are multi-purpose centers run by village residents, whose aim is to combat inequality of opportunity by offering a wide range of solidarity-based activities between residents, thus fostering intergenerational social ties.


For example, the merenderos provide solidarity canteens where residents can prepare and enjoy meals together, guaranteeing one meal a day.

Thanks to your donations, we have been able to complete the construction of many merenderos, including the "Rayito de Luz" (ray of light) merendero.

Upgrading of household electrical systems

Homes in remote areas don't always have an electrical system, and if they do, it's often substandard and dangerous.

 That's why Diego, an electrician by profession, and Jennifer, whose parents own an electrical equipment workshop, install safe electrical systems in villa dwellings.
 Robando Sonrisas prioritizes homes with newborn babies.

Distribution of school supplies

Around the world, thousands of children are deprived of an education. For us, defending their right to education is a priority!


In Argentina, school is free, but there is no state support for the purchase of school supplies.

Robando sonrisas distributes school supplies at the start of each new school year to reduce inequality of opportunity between children.

Partner of the Garrahan Children's Hospital Foundation

Robando Sonrisas works in schools to promote respect for the environment. 


With the children, we collect garbage in the region's natural areas. We sort and preserve plastic corks and tin cans. We then send them to the Garrahan Foundation in Buenos Aires, which recycles them.


The association collects funds in exchange and participates in the process of helping the children treated at the Garrahan Hospital (the largest children's hospital in Argentina).

Support for families of hospitalized children

When a child is ill, in addition to the emotional burden this difficult situation entails, it also means a financial burden for families.


In fact, the pediatric hospital for the most serious childhood illnesses is located in Buenos Aires, over 1000kms from the province of Rio Negro. 

Robando Sonrisas is committed to helping these families through various actions, including online and on-site donation campaigns.

All our projects are not-for-profit and are made possible by various forms of donation. These include financial donations, furnished goods (tools, computers, chairs, tables, etc.), free services and the provision of volunteers.

Don't hesitate to support us!

For information: 1 euro varies between 350 and 450 Argentine pesos. 

1 packet of rice = $899 Argentine pesos
1 packet of pasta = $677 pesos


Every donation counts - there's no such thing as a small amount!

Robando Sonrisas association d’intérêt général à but non lucratif, créée en 2015 en Argentine et en 2020 en France, et enregistrée sous le numéro RNA W442025593 en France - 


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