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🎬 The 2023 Buena Onda women's market comes to an end!


🎬 The 2023 Buena Onda women's market comes to an end!

A gigantic thank you to all those who support us from near and far (just kidding, thanks for sharing, donating and liking)!

On the Buena Onda program this year: upcycling, thrift shops, prints, drawings, flowers, jewelry, candles, eye-popping watercolors, and a tombotombola to win nuggets from our dear designers.


Some essential thanks:

    🎹 to the 14 talented designers present : @yasmina.bee @khyara.bijoux @vestige.friperie @eglantine_wazaa @13mains @kleopium @atelier_solle @jacqueline_concept @ave_creation @pleinlabobine @kleopium @hervee_duchene @annelisemerand @violetteandsea


Without you it would have been neither joy nor TOMBOlaaaaa 📣


    To @franck_provock_officiel for his đŸ’‡đŸœ
    To my sidekick Sol, with whom we work hard to think big even though there are 2 of us 😅 (by the way, don't hesitate to join us for 2024)
    To @40piedsnantes for the crazy location! 🌮
    To @atelier_des_initiatives for the support & dynasmine provided during our many meetings 🌞
    To all the friends, strangers & acquaintances who honored us with their presence & support 💾 during our events đŸŽŸïž


Summary: new ambitions for this winter so stay tuned 🚀

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