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On the road to school: 7th edition!


On the road to school: 7th edition!

For its 7th edition, on February 14, Robando Sonrisas distributed 150 kits, 100 of which were graciously donated by the Ancheta bookshop and 50 were purchased thanks to your donations, in underprivileged neighborhoods in various provincial towns including Diego and Jenni's (the association's Argentinean team) home village, Ingeniero Huergo.

Since its creation in 2015, in collaboration with the Ancheta bookstore, represented by Matias Gimenez, Robando Sonrisas has been distributing supply kits (consisting of notebooks, pens, grey/wood pencils, erasers) to children in the region at the start of each new school year, thus providing economic relief to parents at back-to-school time. Yes, public school is free and compulsory for all in Argentina, but in order to learn, pupils need a minimum of materials, and here, "special back-to-school" vouchers don't exist. The majority of isolated families in precarious situations are single-parent families, with just one source of income: a low salary spent almost exclusively on basic necessities (water, food and electricity). 


Unfortunately, this kit is not enough, but it does at least provide a basic foundation for every child in need, helping to combat inequality of opportunity at school. However, the rest of the equipment has to be paid for by the parents, and many do not have the means to complete the kit. 


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