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Recogida Argentina student solidarity project: donate school supplies!


Recogida Argentina student solidarity project: donate school supplies!

On December 3, 2022, our French team was contacted by two business school and engineering school students to present "RECOGIDA ARGENTINA", an international project to combat student and educational insecurity.

Supervised by the KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL, Recogida Argentina began in France with a fund-raising campaign via stands and an online kitty, calling on our network and companies. 


Once they arrived in Argentina in March 2023, they organized school supplies collections via stands in front of bookshops in Buenos Aires. In all, 40 supply kits (comprising 40 notebooks, 20 pens and 20 pencils) were collected in Bueno Aires and delivered to La Plata, where our Argentinean team came to collect them.


Thanks to them for all their efforts and invaluable help!

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