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Bicycle delivery in the remote area of Aguada Guzmán


Bicycle delivery in the remote area of Aguada Guzmán

This weekend, we went to Aguada Guzmán to deliver bicycles, sweets and children's toys. The village is not connected to the electricity grid...

On July 4, we were contacted by José, a young resident of Aguada Guzmán. In a video, he describes the difficulties facing his village and asks us if we can help.


This is the reality of the inhabitants of Aguada Guzmán, a small village in the department of El Cuy, 200 km from our home (Ingeniero Huergo), 100 km of which is a stony road, in the north of Argentine Patagonia.


The only way to get there is via the unpaved provincial road 74. The village of 150 inhabitants is therefore very difficult to access for anyone without a vehicle.


The village is not connected to the electricity grid, nor does it have a cell phone network or Internet access. Electricity is supplied by a generator that cannot be used 24 hours a day.


The village is also not connected to the natural gas network. Residents use bottled gas. For the non-vehicular inhabitants, a system of solidarity between neighbors is organized.


Finally, the village has no water supply either. Inhabitants therefore have to obtain their water from the Provincial Development Commission.The nearest school to the village is several kilometers away, and since the Province stopped public transport services (considered too "expensive"), families in precarious situations and without vehicles can no longer take their children to school, despite the fact that schooling is compulsory in Argentina from age 6 to 14.


So this weekend, our team went to Aguada Guzmán to deliver bicycles to the village's children (around twenty of them) so that they can get to school.


🚴♻️ In total: 530 bikes recycled and donated!

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