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Discover all the projects of the association!

All of the association's projects are non-profit and are made possible through various forms of donations. These can be financial donations, furnished goods (tools, computers, chairs, tables, etc.), free services and the provision of volunteers. Don't hesitate to support us!


For your information: 
1 packet of rice = 35 Argentine pesos
1 packet of pasta = 30 pesos


Every donation counts, there is no small amount!


  • 1 euro varies between 115 and 200 Argentinian pesos.
  • 1 US dollar varies between 80 and 100 Argentinian pesos.
  • 1£ varies between 120 and 140 Argentinian pesos. 


With 5€/$6/£4, we can buy about 22 packs of rice or 25 packs of pasta in Argentina!

1 US$ =  100 ARS

1€ = 115 ARS

35 ARS = 

Bicycle repair and distribution to children
in Rio Negro, Argentinian Patagonia

With the help of many volunteers, Robando Sonrisas, represented by Jennifer and Diego, repairs and recycles hundreds of bicycles in the workshop provided by Bicicleteria Paulete, Diego's family's bicycle store.

Once repaired, the bikes are distributed free of charge to local children. Robando Sonrisas also recycles bicycles to adapt them to the needs of children with reduced mobility.


The objective of this project is to reinforce the mobility of families who do not necessarily have vehicles, in a context where public transport is almost non-existent because the villages are located in remote areas without services.  


362 bicycles have been distributed since the launch of the association!

Solidarity canteens and clothing donations

Robando Sonrisas provides a meal a day to the children through the Merendero (solidarity canteens in the villas).

We also distribute donated clothes and pass them on to a volunteer intermediary in each village, who ensures the distribution.

We keep the undistributed food/clothing for emergency situations!

Distribution of school supplies

In the world, thousands of children are deprived of education.

For us, defending their right to access it is a priority!


In Argentina, school is free but the state does not provide any help for the purchase of school supplies.


Robando Sonrisas distributes school supplies at the beginning of each school year in order to reduce the inequality of opportunity between children.

Installation of electrical systems upgrated to standards

The houses in remote areas do not always have an electrical system and if there is one, it is often not up to standard and is dangerous.


That's why Diego, an electrician by profession, and Jennifer, whose parents own an electrical workshop, install safe electrical systems in the homes of villas.


Robando Sonrisas prioritizes homes with newborns.


Garrahan Foundation Partnership

Robando Sonrisas intervenes in schools to raise awareness about respect for the environment. 

With the children, we collect waste in the natural areas of the region. We sort and save plastic caps and cans. Then we send them to the Garrahan Foundation in Buenos Aires, which recycles them.

The association collects funds in exchange and participates in the process of helping the children treated at the Garrahan Hospital (the largest children's hospital in Argentina).

Robando Sonrisas association d’intérêt général à but non lucratif, créée en 2015 en Argentine et en 2020 en France, et enregistrée sous le numéro RNA W442025593 en France - 


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