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Robando sonrisas delivers his 401st recycled bike!



Today, the little spider man, Javier, received his adapted tricycle. Javier is a fighter who goes with his mom to the neurologist in the evenings after school, and on Fridays before school to his psychomotrician. This is a bit of pampering for Javier, who is taller than Spiderman (but he doesn't know it).

The bike was donated by a group called "La casa de la mujer" and another group called "Amira Liz", both from Fernández Oro, a town located 70 kilometers from Ingeniero Huergo. They donated it to the association and the team of Robando Sonrisas, thanks to the bicycle repair shop Bicicleteria Paulete, repaired it and put it in condition for another child to use it.


Thank you to his mom Yesica Valeria Garcia and his dad who fight so hard.
Thank you to Angela Nicole Cabrera from "La casa de la mujer" and "Amira Liz" from the ATTS group in Cipolletti, for the tricycle.
Thanks to the Bicicleteria Paulete!

Robando Sonrisas visits Roma's family



For almost two years, the Robando Sonrisas team has been supporting Roma's family in their fight against cancer. Thanks to your donations, the Smile Thieves were able to support Roma's mother financially while Roma was hospitalized. Indeed, Roma and her mother, Gise Corazza, originally from Villa Regina in the province of Rio Negro, in Argentine Patagonia, had to move to Buenos Aires where the public pediatric cancer hospital in Argentina, the Garrahan Hospital (

Thanks for the support!

Bikes galore!



In the province of Rio Negro, many municipalities are not served by public transport because the establishment of lines is considered too costly by the government. To get around, there is only one solution: individual transport. However, the car, in addition to being polluting, is extremely expensive and the majority of households in the region can neither afford to buy nor maintain them. 


In order to fight against this social injustice, one of the association's flagship projects is the repair and free distribution of bicycles. Thanks to a partnership with Bicicleteria Paulete, Diego's father's bicycle repair shop, Robando Sonrisas recovers and rehabilitates bicycles in order to distribute them free of charge to the region's most disadvantaged residents, especially to families with no other means of transportation.


In total, since February 2022, the association has been able to repair and distribute 367 bikes!  🚴

Brisa, who lives in the town of Mainque, walked for 3 kilometers to get to school. Thanks to Yiyo Mendoza and the Paulete bike workshop. Brisa now has her mountain bike to finish the year. Thanks to her neighbor Valeria Cardoso for contacting us. 

Marcelito (see photo), originally from Mainque, had his bicycle, his only means of transportation, stolen. The Manos Foundation, represented by Noemi Bascur, contacted us and Marcelito was able to recover a beautiful bicycle from Diego and Jenni, allowing him to go to work. Thank you to the generous Argentinian donors in the region and thank you to our European donors as well, because thanks to your donations we were able to buy parts and tools. 

Verito, a mother whose workplace is located 5 km from her home, has been able to enjoy her new bicycle (donated by Rosa Torres) since January 30, 2002. Her commuting time between her home and work has been greatly reduced and Verito can now get home earlier to her children. 

And that's not all! During the distribution of the bicycles to the families of the different villages of the province, Diego and Jenni also took the opportunity to distribute second hand clothes in good condition given by the wealthier families.

Many children of the province were able to go back to school on their bikes, with full school bags and new clothes for the start of the school year 2022!

On the Road to School: 7th edition!


    For its 7th edition, on February 14th, Robando Sonrisas distributed 150 kits, 100 of which were donated by the Ancheta bookstore and 50 of which were purchased thanks to your donations, in the underprivileged neighborhoods of the different cities of the province, including the village of origin of Diego and Jenni (the Argentine team of the association), Ingeniero Huergo.

Since its creation in 2015, in collaboration with the Ancheta bookstore, represented by Matias Gimenez, Robando Sonrisas distributes at the beginning of each school year supply kits (composed of notebooks, pens, grey/wooden pencils, erasers), to the children of the region, thus allowing to economically relieve the parents at the time of the return to school. Yes, public school is free and compulsory for all in Argentina, but to be able to learn, students need a minimum of material, and here, "special back-to-school" vouchers do not exist. The majority of the isolated families in precarious situations are single-parent families, with only one source of income: a small salary devoted almost exclusively to basic needs (water, food and electricity). 


This kit is unfortunately not enough but it does provide at least a basic foundation for every child in need, helping to fight against inequalities of opportunity in school. However, the rest of the material must be paid by the parents and many of them do not have the means to complete the kit. 


Do not hesitate to support the actions of the association in the tab: I make a donation! 

Union of Solidarity Canteens of Alto Valle!



On March 14, Diego and his 70-year-old father, Hugo Paulete, rode their bikes 105 kilometers to form the first Union of Solidarity Canteens of Alto Valle in Rio Negro.

Accompanied by Jennifer, her sister Sole Romero and her friend Camila Mardones, in a van, they went to visit 8 solidarity canteens in the region. They left from "PANCITO SOLIDARIO" (Villa Regina), "TU SONRISA MI SONRISA" (General Enrique Godoy), "RAYITO DE LUZ" (Ingeniero Huergo), "LOS PEQUES" (Mainque), "LAS LUMBRERAS" (Cervantes), "EL CHAVITO" (General Roca), "ADONAI" (Fernández Oro) and ended their journey in Cipolletti in "EL TREBOL". At each passage, Robando Sonrisas distributes the donations collected from the smile thieves of Rio Negro and the food bought with the funds collected in France. 


A big thank you to all the volunteers present in Argentina without whom none of this would be possible, and also to Cyriane Nsimba, who from France took care of the translation and communication of the event. Thanks also to Emiliano Gatti's "Juntos Para Sumar" program for having accompanied us throughout this adventure.

Distribution of school supplies to celebrate the beginning of the school year!



It's almost the beginning of the school year in Argentina and although the school is public, that is to say that its access is free for all, the sides are not and there is very little help from the State.

Just like transportation to school, school supplies are not free. 


That's why, every year, we mobilize to distribute the necessary materials to each child in need.


This year, thanks to Matias Giménez who runs the Ancheta bookstore in Ingeniero Huergo and who has been with us for 5 years, 50 children received school supplies to start the year. 



Solidarity canteen: Rayito de Luz!



Hello smile thieves!


We wanted to thank you for your involvement. Thanks to your donations, we were able to finalize the construction of the solidarity canteen "Rayito de Luz" (ray of light). It was built last week in the Ceferino neighborhood in Ingeniero Huergo, Patagonia.

This solidarity canteen is managed by Victor Gonzalez and Karen Mella and will help to ensure the needs of the surrounding families.


The smiles you see in these photos are a reflection of what Robando Sonrisas is: 
a big family of caring souls. 

Awareness action for the protection of the environment



Today we want to tell you about our partnership with the Garrahan Foundation. Robando Sonrisas educates children to respect the environment.  It is one of the pillars of the association.

With the children, we collect waste in the natural areas of the region.


We sort and save plastic caps and cans to send them to the Garrahan Foundation in Buenos Aires and recycle them.


In this way we participate in the process of helping the children treated at the Garrahan Hospital (the largest children's hospital in Argentina).

Solidarity baskets: food distribution!



Robando Sonrisas thanks you again for participating in this fundraiser in your own way! Whether it be by sharing, reading or donating. Any help is valuable!

Diego and Jennifer were able to purchase a large amount of goods from the wholesaler as you can see in the pictures!


Robando Sonrisas will be able to help 80 families and that's all that matters!

Stay tuned for another fundraiser to continue to provide for the needs of people who are facing an increasingly complicated situation in this health crisis.


Solidarity in action!

Robando Sonrisas association d’intérêt général à but non lucratif, créée en 2015 en Argentine et en 2020 en France, et enregistrée sous le numéro RNA W442025593 en France - 


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